OAKLAND (KRON) — A giant version of the Oakland A’s mascot Stomper is being created at 19th and Webster in Oakland.

It is all part of the spirit week the team is promoting as they approach their 50th season in Oakland.

The mural’s artists, along with celebrating the team, are incorporating the thoughts of Oakland residents who pass by to watch the mural’s progress.

“It has an Oakland A’s theme to it,” muralist Tom Hon said. “He’s going to be wearing a ball cap, but it’s really our creative license of what we want to do. It evolves as it goes. Half the fun of doing a mural is meeting people as they come by, seeing what it means to them, and how they interpret it, so we keep a list of people and things they’ve mentioned, their favorite animal or flower or something. We’re going to place those in there and see it the can find them. We have an Opening Day on Monday.”

That unveiling will be at 6 p.m., an hour before the season’s first pitch against the Los Angeles Angels.