VALLEY COUNTY, I.D. (KRON)—Helicopter crews rescued a horse trapped in snow on a mountain in Idaho.

It took a few days for crews to make the rescue.

Snowmobilers found the horse stuck in the snow. The missing horse wandered 7,700 feet up Boulder Mountain.

The extreme weather conditions prevented any rescue efforts for about five days, said rescuer Ryan Miller.

Miller and his friend hauled feed and water up the mountain until rescue crews were able to arrive.

On Miller’s Facebook page, he posted a video of the helicopter dropping a rope to rescuers with the horse attached to it.

Idaho Horse Rescue and Salmon River helicopters were able to help rescue crews tranquilize the horse, harness him and safely get him off the mountain.

The horse was found in bad shape, but he is expected to make a full recovery. Idaho Horse Rescue is taking care of the horse.

A second horse was reported missing as well, but the Valley County Sheriff’s Office have not been able to find it yet. Deputies are still searching for the horse.