BERKELEY (KRON) – – Over 20 activists with a global grassroots animal rights network interrupted a Saturday night showing of “A Dog’s Purpose” in a Berkeley movie theater.

The group from Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) marched into the 7:00 p.m. screening at United Artists Berkeley 7 to peacefully, but assertively to convey their message.

This was done in response to a video that was leaked of film makers trying to force a German Shepard dog into a pool of water during the making of the movie.

Public outcry of the incident was so strong that the film’s original premier date was cancelled and postponed.

The activists with Direct Action Everywhere reminded Saturday’s audience of this incident, and challenged that the movie is a “product of our speciesist culture.”

“This incident is a cruel microcosm of the violence that inevitably results when we treat living, feeling individuals as objects to use and abuse,” Almira Tanner, an organizer with DxE said. “It’s a very telling symptom of a much broader disease known as speciesism.”