We’re still reeling from the fiasco surrounding Permit Patty, but it looks like we’ve got another offender in the Bay Area. 

Video posted to Reddit shows a man on BART calling BART police to report someone else eating a burrito on the train. 

The video was taken on Friday on the Dublin/Pleasanton line. 

In the video, the man wearing a Hawaiian shirt is heard saying “You can’t wait? Sign says no eating and drinking. You don’t get it? You must be stupid. I’ve seen people like you on TV.” 

Other people start to laugh, but it doesn’t stop the man from getting up to call BART police. 

“Can you get a policeman on board here? We’ve got somebody dining in the first car…” he says. 

But there seems to be some confusion here since the man repeats himself. 

“He’s dining. Dining. Eating on the train,” he clarifies. 

People continue to laugh as the man sits back down and takes the burrito-eating offender’s photo. 

Other people tell the guy to smile. 

Someone else can be heard saying “Someone doesn’t ride BART very much.”

“You eat your burrito!” others chime in. 

The man who called BART police claims he rides BART quite often. 

“Maybe you should talk to the people shooting up,” a woman says. 

“Maybe people should not eat on BART,” he replied. 

There are signs on BART trains saying no eating or drinking allowed. 

According to BART officials, doing so can result in a warning or citation.