VIDEO: Man suffers near-death experience after spider bite from brown recluse


Video courtesy of CNN

NEBRASKA (KRON) — A Nebraska man is speaking out about a near-death experience he suffered after he was bitten by a brown recluse spider.

Kelly Leisure says the spider came from his closet and, “got me through my hoodie.”

He says he was feeling sick when he got home later that day.

So sick, that he ended up spending the next five days in bed before finally going to the hospital.“If I would have been in that room for another 24 hours, I would have been gone,” Kelly said.

When Kelly got to the hospital, doctors rushed him into surgery.

Video shows the massive bandage covering a good portion of Kelly’s back after the surgery.

Even days after the operation, the open wound is still at least six inches long.

Kelly still has to have fluids pumped from his back, and the dressing changed every other day.

Spider exterminator, Carl Braun, explains why brown recluse venom is so poisonous to humans.“All spiders have venom, the particular venom in the brown recluse spider causes tissue necrosis,” he said.

Expert Jonathan Larson explains that these spiders do not seek humans out. In fact, they prefer to stay hidden in dark places.“They’re not looking for human blood or anything like that. They are just something that we accidentally interact with,” he said.

However, if you do happen to get bit by one, you need to get help right away.CNN contributed to this article.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: 


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