FREMONT (KRON) — A Milpitas woman, who describes her religion as love and peace, is the apparent victim of what appears to be a hate crime.

The woman returned from a hike only to find her car had been burglarized and a hate-filled note on the windshield.

Solonica “Nicki” Pancholy, of Milpitas, was hiking at Mission Peak in Fremont when someone, thinking her head scarf was a hijab, smashed the windows of her car, stole her purse, and left a nasty note on the windshield.

Pancholy is not Muslim. KRON4 has learned that the author of the note, now in the hands of East Bay Regional Parks, spoke about how America is “our nation now” and that Muslims should get out.

Shocked and saddened by what is being investigated as a hate crime, Pancholi, somewhat ironically, has hiked Mission Peak every day for the past month and a half in what she says is a mission of peace and love.

It is a mission dedicated to her ailing grandfather, and now, to ending ignorance.