SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — As California lawmakers debate the dangers of tackle football, a new form of the game is being introduced to more than a thousand youth football coaches this weekend.

It’s called TackleBar and it’s supporters say it’s a safer form of football.

TackleBar Football CEO Tim Healy joined KRON4 to talk about what it is an how it works.

Healy explains that TackleBar football is a safer approach to the game but still preserves the tradition and spirit of the sport.

It teaches safe contact, sound fundamentals and is decreasing injuries.

Players wear helmets, shoulder pads and a harness around their midsection that has two foam bars on the back.

The players make contact like they’re going to tackle, then pull a foam bar off the opponent’s harness.

The TackleBar harness is designed to teach players to engage the ball carrier in textbook shoulder tackling style.

By pulling a foam bar off a harness on the ball carrier’s lower back instead of driving them to the ground, TackleBar eliminates the big hits that lead to concussions and serious injuries.

Coaches love the fact that TackleBar is teaching sound fundamentals. It’s preparing kids for tackle football much better than something like flag.

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