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PALO ALTO (KRON) — A local father and school administrator, who is concerned about the increase in mass shootings on school campuses, has created an app that he hopes will help law enforcement locate the threat immediately.

With the app, the victims inside will be able to let first responders know what’s happening in “real-time.”

A father of 3 started working on the app immediately after the Sandy Hook tragedy five years ago.

It’s now weeks away from launching, and there’s yet another mass shooting at a school.

Safeguard OES or Operations of Emergency Services is meant to help responders with any type of emergency, but it was created to help protect victims in a mass shooting.

“It’s a problem that’s growing, and we need to fix it,” app creator Mike Jacobs said.

The app will enable teachers and staff members to communicate with first responders directly.

“You don’t want to give it to students,” Jacobs said. “There are many reasons why. One of them primarily because you don’t want any false alarms.”

The “real-time” GPS system shows authorities exactly where the threat is.

“The floor level. The exact room number,” Jacobs said.

It also gives an overview of the entire campus and displays the status of every area.

“If they’re unfamiliar with the school, they can use the navigator function, and it’ll navigate them to the exact location,” Jacobs said.

It’s meant to bridge the gap of communication because every second counts when lives are at stake.

“School districts across the country are conducting lockdown drills or shelter-in-place type drills. They’re already integrating those types of drills and adding this will (only) make it better,” Jacobs said.

Safeguard School Systems is working with a number of school districts on the Peninsula and the South Bay.

The goal is to launch by the end of the month.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: 


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