SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The 26-year-old who was arrested in May for allegedly abusing his Shiba Inu puppy has been ordered to give up the dog and will not be allowed to own an animal for three years, according to Animal Care and Control officials.

San Francisco resident Zixuan Liu pled no contest to two misdemeanor violations after he was captured on camera abusing his 10-month-old dog named Aniki.

The footage, which was released by Animal Care and Control, shows Liu hitting and kicking the puppy in an elevator.

Liu was given a three-year probation that prohibits him from possessing animals. He must also forfeit Aniki to Animal Care and Control.

Liu is required to perform community service, attend counseling, and pay all costs associated with Aniki’s care.

Aniki received veterinary treatment for bruises and abrasions at Animal Care and Control. He was socialized daily and was provided affection, kindness, and mental stimulation, according to officials.

He is now with Northern Nevada Shiba Inu Rescue. The rescue group will work to find Aniki a forever home.

WARNING: The video below has graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers</stro