RICHMOND (KRON) — An offer to go to drug rehab is the latest twist in the on-going scandal of sexual misconduct in police departments in the Bay Area.

As KRON’s Haaziq Madyun reports, that offer made by the Richmond Police Department was rejected by the woman at the center of the Oakland police sex scandal.

“I rejected it,” Guap said via text to Haaziq.

The 18-year-old Guap was regarding the Richmond Police Department offering to get her help at a drug treatment center in Miami, Florida. She said the offer came on Wednesday when a Richmond police sergeant brought her to the West Contra Costa County Family Justice Center, a one-stop, multi-service center for victims of sexual and human trafficking abuse.

“You feel like RPD was trying to get you out of town?” Haaziq asked Guap.

She replied, “Yeahlol.”

“Police agencies that have officers who are accused of misconduct with her, they should not be involved with her on any circumstances,” civil rights attorney John Burris said.

Burris has been following the Bay Area-wide police sex scandals involving Guap. He explained why there is a conflict of interest for the Richmond police in this scenario

“That could easily be viewed as an obstruction of justice, where you are trying to interfere with a witness that may have testimony that may be hurtful to someone within your department,” Burris said.

Richmond police chief Allwyn Brown sent KRON a statement on the allegations.

“We did reach out to her separate and apart from our personnel investigation through Family Justice Center Staff with the intent to get her connected to services that could help, because it was apparent that she might benefit. We cannot comment further.”

Guap told KRON that it was a $40,000 drug treatment program and that the Richmond Police Department offered to pay for it.

But she declined the offer. She told KRON that she does not have that kind of drug problem.

“…I’m not even on drugs like that,” Guap said via text.