VIDEO: Richmond teen creates magical Christmas light show


RICHMOND (KRON) — If you’re looking for something Christmas-y to do tonight, you may want to head to Richmond, where a teenager has single-handedly set up quite the show.

KRON4’s Spencer Blake shows us where to go.

Programming these 16,000 lights to music is no easy task, yet teenager Armando Epifani does it all himself.

“I have 32 channels; they’re controlled by these Light-O-Rama controllers,” Armando said. “I have DMX lighting. I have 48 channels through that, and I built these fountains myself. There’s four fountains and they’re synchronized to the music as well.”

A few years ago, he liked the look of the light-up reindeer his dad bought for the yard, so Armando started buying yard décor on his own.

“I looked on Youtube and I saw the videos of the synchronized displays and I was like, ‘I want my house to look like that.'”

From there, he taught himself how to get everything set up. Just by watching tutorials, and asking questions on the ‘do it yourself Christmas’ online forum.

Each year, he starts his show in November, and each year it’s bigger than the last.

Armando looks for good deals on Christmas lights in the off-season so he can add to his display little by little.

However, he doesn’t like to think about the toll his passion could take on his bank account.

“I don’t really know, and I hate to think about it because the money probably should have gone towards a car,” Armando said.

Although he has a donations box set up by the front gate, Armando hardly does it to make a profit.

“Two days ago i got a nice donation in there, and I took the bus over to Lowe’s in Vallejo and I bought a new Eiffel tower and a reindeer,” Armando said.

“It actually looked like the trees were dancing,” a little boy who watched his light show said.

Perhaps the biggest payoff will be after high school, when Armando hopes to take what he’s learned and eventually turn it into a career.

“I’d love someday maybe get a job at Disney working on ride design or stage rigging, stage lighting.”

He already knows how to captivate an audience.

Armando also has a Facebook page, so we can all keep up with his is amazing work:

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