SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — It has been two years since Alex Nieto was shot and killed by police in San Francisco.

His family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officers. Just 2 weeks ago, the jury ruled excessive force was not used in his case.

Four officers had fired nearly five dozen shots, hitting him 10 times. They had been called to the park when a dog walker spotted Nieto with a Taser, which officers thought was a gun.

Now, on Monday, organizers are presenting a series of demands to the city to increase officer accountability.

The Justice and Love for Alex Nieto Coalition are holding a rally, that started at 6 p.m., at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts at 2868 Mission St.

Nieto was killed in Bernal Heights Park on March 21, 2014, when four officers fired as many as 59 shots, striking Nieto at least 10 times, after a dog walker called 911 to report a man with a gun.

Nieto was carrying a Taser stun gun and the officers said he pointed it directly at them, causing them to believe it was a gun. However, a witness who was at the park has said Nieto had his hands in his pockets at

the time of the shooting.

Nieto’s family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officers, but following a trial, an eight-person jury ruled on March 10 that the officers did not use unconstitutional excessive force.

The demands presented by the coalition at Monday’s rally will include modifying the San Francisco Police Department’s General Order to make alternatives to lethal use of force mandatory, as well as increasing transparency of the Police Department by requiring public and online permanent record keeping of complaints and incidents of use of force by officers.

“California law currently shields officer behavior from public scrutiny. We are asking the Board of Supervisors to take action and establish legal requirements to maintain an accurate, clear and permanent record of

complaints filed against officers in our city. We deserve to know who is patrolling our streets,” coalition member Juana Tello said in a statement.

The coalition is also demanding that the city establish a special prosecutor’s office that would operate as an autonomous investigative and prosecutorial body in cases involving police misconduct. Additionally, the group wants the city to require peer review processes in the medical examiner’s office when handling officer-involved shooting cases.

The coalition also wants the city to establish a permanent memorial in Bernal Heights Park at the site where Nieto was fatally shot.

Community members have maintained a makeshift memorial made up of pictures and flowers at the site for the past two years.

“If the city wants to begin mending broken trust, the very minimum they could do is establish a permanent memorial for Alex on the hill as a show of respect for the Nieto family and community supporters,” coalition member Oscar Salinas said in a statement.Bay City News contributed to this report