SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — KRON4 has talked to Bay Area residents who are upset with President Trump’s executive order on defunding sanctuary cities, but on Wednesday night, his supporters spoke up too.

KRON4’s J.R. Stone talked with some San Francisco residents who support Trump’s executive order on defunding sanctuary cities.

“In California, almost 10 percent of our population is undocumented, and that’s just not a situation that we can just let fester,” President Trump supporter Jason Clark said. “It’s something that we actually have to deal with and solve.”

They believe sanctuary cities are not right and say it harbors undocumented people who broke the law in coming here.

Trump supporters KRON4 talked with say they support defunding their own city for this cause.

“I think that San Francisco should lose its federal funding if it is keeping (undocumented) immigrations here, and not only housing them and giving them entitlements that some residents, legal residents, veterans, some people that are here legally, citizens don’t have,” Trump supporter Chris Miller said.

J.R. talked about quite a few issues with President Trump supporters who said that so far, the president is doing what he campaigned on.

You’ll hear more of what they had to say tonight at 10 o’clock on KRON4 News.