SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — San Jose Police are looking for five suspects who robbed a bakery off Alum Rock Avenue early Wednesday morning. An owner at Peters’ Bakery told KRON4 that the robbers entered the shop around 1:30 a.m. The robbers held some of their employees at knifepoint as the staff was preparing food for the day.

“They immediately came in, put some of our employees at knifepoint, started asking ‘Hey where’s the money? Where’s the safe?” said Cap Peters.

Cap Peters was shocked when he got the call that five suspects robbed his family’s bakery. He said the suspects appeared to be younger in age.

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“At this point they just started looking throughout the bakery, looking here, looking there, seeing what they could find. They tried to get into the cash registers but there wasn’t a way to get in, so they quickly abandoned that,” said Peters.

Peters said they eventually found a storage area containing petty cash and tips and made off with less than $1,000. “They were in and out of the bakery in less than two minutes,” said Peters.

Peters said he’s thankful none of his eight employees inside at the time were physically hurt. He said the family bakery is 86 years old and only experienced two or three break-ins over the past five decades. However, Peters said other small businesses in the area have been recently hit by burglars.

“There was a patrol officer literally sitting in front of the bakery while this was happening. They were parked in front of the bakery while this was all happening in the back because they were looking for other break-ins along Alum Rock and White Road at the time,” said Peters.

Peters said it’s frustrating to see these burglaries and break-ins continue.

“When we don’t have the means in place or the desires in place, I should say to be harsh on criminalization, when there’s no disincentive for committing crimes, why should they not commit crimes if they know the punishment is weak,” said Peters.

He said the suspects’ getaway vehicle is a distinctive white BMW 5 series that has a black front panel, silver front rims and black rear rims. If you have any information about the suspects, please contact the San Jose Police Department.