SAN JOSE (KRON) — Where is the outrage?

That is the question being posed on Wednesday night by police in the South Bay concerning the recent rash of attacks on cops across the nation.

A new video released is designed to call attention to the issue. San Jose Police Officers Association President Paul Kelly referred to the 56 police officers across the country who have been shot to death so far this year.

The ambush-style murder of a San Antonio police detective is among the most recent.


The POA unveiled a new web video that includes images from a Nov. 13 incident, when an alleged gang member, later captured, fired on two San Jose cops, prompting a $10,000 reward and a message that “Blue Lives Matter.”

The POA set a somber holiday table for the victims of five recent fatal attacks on cops, calling on the public to have a dialogue about the issue as they celebrate Thanksgiving.