VIDEO: San Leandro doctor accused of sexually assaulting woman patient


SAN LEANDRO (KRON) — A San Leandro doctor has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman patient.

A civil lawsuit has been filed by the victim’s attorneys, the law firm of Winer, McKenna & Burritt, against the clinic Concentra and Dr. Muhannad Hafi.

The lawsuit alleges Dr. Hafi sexually assaulted 52-year-old Lydia Navarro, of Oakland.

Navarro’s attorneys say she went to the clinic on Aug. 18, 2016 for a work physical. Her doctor was Hafi, who sexually assaulted her five times during the exam by pressing his “erect penis against her,” attorneys said.

“In many ways, there is no one more vulnerable to a “predator physician” than a patient being seen for a pre-employment physical. Not only is their health at stake, but also their employment. They have to be concerned that if they resist a sexual assault or report it, that, the doctor will write a negative report and they won’t get the job that they desperately need to feed themselves and their family,” Winer said.

“Here, you have a woman whose primary language is Spanish and can barely communicate in English. Dr. Hafi had to believe that the language barrier would work to his advantage, both in Ms. Navarro’s ability to speak up to reject a result and to report it,” Winer added.

Investigators found that about three years ago, Dr. Hafi was accused of assaulting another female patient during an exam, the law firm said. That patient reported the incident to San Leandro police.

Dr. Hafi was found not guilty in that case.

The California Medical Board continued to investigate Dr. Hafi through the recent claim.

Here’s what Navarro’s attorney says happened next:

However, The California Medical Board continued to investigate Dr. Hafi, and the case was prioritized when Ms. Navarro’s sexual assault was reported to the San Leandro PD who contacted Lydia a few days after the incident and asked her what she wanted to happen to Hafi. Ms. Navarro told the officer she “wanted him arrested.” Shortly after that, a SLPD officer called to tell her that Hafi had been arrested, but that was the last the victim (who speaks only Spanish) heard anything about the case and as far as Ms. Navarro knew Dr. Hafi had talked his way out again. The victim did not know that The California Medical Board’s investigators had not given up and after she recently got the call from them Ms. Navarro’s daughter-in-law contacted well-known Oakland sex discrimination lawyer John Winer.

“It was outrageous that the Concentra clinic allowed Dr. Hafi to examine female patients at all after the first report and it is even more outrageous that they left him alone in an examining room with a female patient,” Navarro’s attorneys stated.

Winer also placed blame on the clinic.

“Concentra handled Ms. Navarro’ immediate report of the sexual assault so badly that minutes after the victim made the report to their staff, they allowed Dr. Hafi, to enter into a room with a terrified, crying, Ms. Navarro while she was left alone,” Winer said.

Navarro says she’s distraught about the incident.

“Every day, I’m in tears about this event. I am agitated and can’t sleep, even a year later,” Navarro said.

KRON4 is working on getting a response from the clinic or Dr. Hafi but has not year heard back.

However, the clinic did confirm Dr. Hafi no longer works there.MORE BARCELONA TERROR ATTACK COVERAGE:


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