VIDEO: Sex trafficking arrests by some Richmond police officers questioned by public defender amid Oakland police sex scandal


MARTINEZ (KRON) — Sex trafficking arrests made by several Richmond police officers are now being questioned as a result of the ever-widening sex scandal in the East Bay.

The officers are under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct with a teen girl.

And as KRON’s Haaziq Madyun reports, the Contra Costa County public defender is fearful that the officers may have used a double standard in making those arrests.

“When you have young women being used for sex by police officers, that’s a serious problem,” public defender Robin Leptzky said.

The problem is Richmond police officers are allegedly connected to Celeste Guap, a sexually exploited minor, who is now 18 years old. The situation is so serious that Lipetzky is now reviewing cases of previous prostitution arrests made by those officers.

“Any case where these officers may have been involved in investigating prostitution or sex trafficking of minors or just underage sex with minors, those are cases that really are the similar kind of behavior that they are accused of with this young woman, and so if those officers were involved in investigating cases like that, leading to prosecution of our clients, we think that calls into question the integrity of those convictions,” Leptzky said.

Richmond police confirm to KRON that two Richmond police school resource officers under investigation for sexual misconduct have been reassigned out of the Richmond Unified School District.

“If I did anything questionable like that, I would be fired,” city councilmember Jovanka Beckles said.

Beckles said allegations of this magnitude, involving police officers, requires an investigation conducted by an outside agency.

“An independent investigation or investigator would be the way to go,” Beckles said. “And that will show us, that will show the community that the department is taking this seriously and we really believe in transparency.”

Lipetzky agrees.

“I hope that the district attorney’s office is going to investigate or…refer it to the Attorney General’s Office,” Lipetzky said. “I think you need an arms-length investigation for something like this.”

In addition to reviewing arrests made by Richmond police officers, the Contra Costa County Public Defender’s Office is also looking at arrests made by former Contra Costa County Deputy Ricardo Perez, who recently resigned in the wake of the sex scandal.

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