Video: SF Grub Hub delivery driver steals packages


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – A warning to anyone who uses delivery services, especially food delivery apps, be careful who you buzz into your home or buildings!

A delivery driver carrying a “Grub Hub” bag, is caught on surveillance stealing packages after dropping off food to a customer.

It happened at an apartment building in San Francisco near Van Ness Avenue and Clay Street.

The property manager says these package thefts have become a daily issue in her building and two other properties she manages. 

“It’s something we see all across the city,” she says. “The theft is especially concerning since it’s a delivery service many of us use and trust to bring food to our front doors.”

He looks like any other food delivery driver.

He has the Grub Hub bag. He’s checking his phone for a code to buzz in and waiting to be let inside.The suspected driver then leaves with much more than he brought in.

The manager explained, “Somebody had ordered dinner from Grub Hub. When the driver came to the building, they buzzed him in to bring the food up to their door and upon leaving the building the driver turns back and he ends up stealing as many packages as he could fit into grub hub bag.”

Krystal Dias manages the building where it happened at 1735 Van Ness Avenue.

Krystal is concerned for the tenants living in the building who continue to use the service. 

“It’s a great convenience, but it’s also a security risk. If somebody buzzes somebody into our building they can potentially commit a crime and it’s even more disheartening when its delivery people that we trust to be coming in and out of the building and we granted them that access.”

She says package thefts are a growing issue in San Francisco at the three properties she manages.

While this driver looks legit, she’s had other posers.

“It’s a busy street. There’s a lot of bus stops so we see people getting off the bus waiting to be buzzed in by posing as a delivery driver or just waiting to piggyback tenant into buildings. We’re losing a few packages a week.”

Dias says its an important reminder to verify who you’re letting into your building and if you’re ordering food. 

“We recommend you go down to the front door, meet them, they can wait there for you and they never access your building.”

Krystal is also in touch with Grub Hub to identify that man.

Despite having the building information and delivery time, unfortunately the company says it can’t help unless they have the specific customers’ information.

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