OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Video released by the Oakland Zoo showed a very grumpy mountain lion cub growling into the camera.

“When you’re grumpy because you drank your milk too quickly and the keeper doesn’t have anymore,” the tweet read.

The cub, named Holly, was brought into the Oakland Zoo for care in December 2022. She was found alone underneath a home in Santa Cruz.

Holly, named for being found during the holiday season, is recovering smoothly and gaining healthy weight, zoo officials said. Officials added that she had chipped one of her canine teeth, which they said is common if a cub bites something hard or misjudges a jump.

Although she won’t be returning to the wild, zookeepers said they are working on building up her strength again so she can explore her outdoor hospital stall. Instead, she will be placed in an “accredited forever home,” zoo officials said.