SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A video has surfaced on social media showing a group of guys acting belligerent towards a pair of San Francisco park patrol officers at Dolores Park who were there to help keep the park clean.

The 5-minute clip shows a park ranger telling a group of men to pick up their trash. While trying to explain the violations to the fellas, one of the men decides to embarrass himself by making a crude comment about the officer’s appearance.

“Maybe we should pay more [taxes] so they could get dental care,” says the man.

The men were arguing with the officer about a table, which the officer was instructing the group to remove from the park because it violates park code.

Many park visitors are turning the park into a landfill. And now officers are turning up at the park daily trying to crack down on the growing garbage problem at Dolores Park.

But something else that litterers are failing to realize is that because no one is pickup their trash, their waste is threatening the safety of others. KRON 4 News recently did a story about glass shards and broken alcohol containers found in the children’s play area at Dolores.

As for the rules the men were caught ignoring, the officer told the group they were in violation of park code SEC 3.12, which states:

“No person shall construct or maintain or inhabit any structure, tent or any other thing in any park that may be used for housing accommodations or camping, nor shall any person construct or maintain any device that can be used for cooking, except by permission from the Recreation and Park Department or Commission. No person shall modify the landscape in any way in order to create a shelter, or accumulate household furniture or appliances or construction debris in any park. (Added by Ord. 603-81, App. 12/18/81; Ord. 12-08, File No. 071136, § 1, App. 1/31/2008).”

Some of these items are left abandoned at the park and become an expensive problem for the city, the officer explains.

“Unfortunately, we have to be here because people don’t want to pick up their trash,” said the park patrol officer.

Watch the video and see why trying to Keep Dolores Green is a very, very dirty job.