SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — Police broke up multiple sideshows in San Jose on Saturday, but not before many people were stuck in traffic waiting for the cars to disperse.

San Jose Police responded to sideshow activity at multiple locations across San Jose on Saturday. Blacked out license plates, collisions, and rubber burned into the street were all on the scene of the latest sideshows to take place in the city.

Please note: the below video may be graphic to some viewers.

One sideshow took place at Santa Teresa Boulevard and the exit off of State Route 87. KRON4 news obtained video of the incident. In the video multiple cars spin “donuts” and at one point a car even strikes a spectator who then falls to the ground.

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Later a red Ford Mustang appears to collide with a black Lexus which then quickly leaves the scene. Spectators can be seen throwing what appear to be water balloons at the cars as they spin.

Police then appear to disperse the crowd gathered at the sideshow by slowly driving a few police SUVs with lights on and sirens blaringdown the street. In July KRON4 reported on a San Jose sideshow which drew over 200 vehicles and earned participants over 500 citations from police.