SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The Las Vegas shooting leaves us all with lingering questions like why the gunman did this and why this kind of tragedy keeps happening.

KRON4’s Gabe Slate talked with a University of San Francisco professor of sociology to shed some light on these questions.

“There is no one who are these people,” Dr. Kimberly D. Richman said. “There are unfortunately many types of people who could be motivated to commit a mass tragedy variety of different reasons.”

Dr. Richman has a Ph.D. in criminology, law, and society.

She has been studying mass shootings and the people behind them for years.

“People who have strong connections to other people, groups, and communities, are in general less likely to do something like this,” Dr. Richman said.

We are still waiting to learn more about the shooter Stephen Paddock, but Dr. Richman says it’s looking like he might fit a disconnected profile.

“As an entrepreneur, investor, a gambler, these are all very solitary activities in many cases, and so even though he was not holed up in a mountain cabin somewhere, he seemed to fit the image as someone who’s not regularly in the habit about thinking about the effects on other people,” Dr. Richman said.

It may seem like there have been more mass violent incidents the last five-to-10 years, but Kimberly says there have always been violent or mentally ill people doing these actions.

The weapons are different now.

They allow for a higher fatality rate.

Therefore, these incidents get more attention.FULL COVERAGE: