VIDEO: Solution to Bay Area’s housing crisis may be tiny homes


SAN MATEO (KRON) — One of the solutions to the Bay Area’s housing crisis may actually be tiny homes.

They have been popping up all over the country and local builders said the demand is skyrocketing.

KRON’s Kate Cagle looks into why 100 square feet goes much further these days.

With sleek lines, clean finishes, and beautiful windows, this is not your parent’s backyard cottage.

“Incredible demand,” said Randy Woodman of Escape Traveler of tiny homes.

The new tiny homes use a few design tricks to feel much bigger, bringing your mountain cabin into the 21st century.

In one unit, 11-foot ceilings on just 240 square feet.

“That’s my taste. That’s my taste!” said Katia Barrett, who is building a tiny home.

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Barrett’s husband is 6 feet 5 inches tall, and they’re about to go in on the trend.

“The high ceilings gives you the feeling that it’s a much bigger space than it is,” Barrett said.

Multiple builders said demand for their tiny homes is driven by Airbnb.

“It has just skyrocketed. Especially this year,” Woodman said.

Louis Pereyra of Tiny Houses built 20 of them last year.

“Airbnb on the tiny houses (is) commanding 2, 3, 400 bucks a night,” Louis Pereyra of Tiny Mountain Houses said.

This year, he is building 70.

There are two things you will notice on most new tiny home models: massive windows to make the place seem bigger, and they’re all on wheels.

“We build tiny houses, but we went to the expense and time to get RV certified,” Woodman said.

That RV status is a way around housing restrictions that apply to most backyard cottages or granny units.

The Barrets are thinking of using one model as a guest unit on their retirement property in Sonoma.

It is an investment in their future they can take on the road.

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