PACIFICA (KRON) — A group of residents literally living on the edge in Pacifica is now being forced to move after their building was yellow tagged by the city.

Video from the area shows what erosion has done to the cliffs in the  area.

While some are packing up to leave, others said they are going to stay put.

Some had movers doing the heavy lifting, while others had to put their own backs into packing up their belongings and getting out.

This all happened after the city slapped yellow tags on the doors of all 20 units at an apartment building at 310 Esplande Avenue. The building has been undermined by erosion.

For some, the news came as an unpleasant shock.

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“Yeah it sucks,” Monica Montoya said. “It really does. It’s hard because now where do we go? We got a three-day shelter, and that’s it?”

Monica Montoya was packing up boxes in her kitchen Monday. The formerly homeless woman said she just moved to the area two months ago.

She stayed in the Red Cross shelter on Monday night, but she is not sure where she or many of her neighbors will go from here.

“When you got people who are going to be homeless, that have nowhere to go, that have no family, no friends, ” Montoya said.

Brandy McDaniel, who was loading up a U-Haul, was already planning to move out on Saturday because of what she saw outside her balcony.

She said a chunk of the cliff dropped off on New Year’s Eve, and that was enough for her to give up her ocean view apartment.

“It just seems to me like the writing is on the wall,” McDaniel said.

But not everyone is heeding the city’s warning. At least one resident has ripped off the yellow tag from her door and said she is staying put. She thinks the city is forcing people to move unnecessarily.

A man who claims to be the property manager said he is filing an appeal to the city’s decision to yellow tag the building, but for now, he too is moving out.