EASTVALE (KRON/CNN) — A Buffalo Wild Wings customer in Southern California took to social media after an employee refused to play the National Anthem before an NFL football game, saying it was too controversial.

Making things worse–it happened on the 16th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.

“It just wasn’t OK. That’s not, that’s not my America,” the customer Lori said.

A patriotic Lori was fuming Monday when she says an employee at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Eastvale refused to play the sound of the National Anthem at the start of a football game on TV.

“The other person in my party went to him and asked him, ‘You played it for the first game, why can’t we play it now?’ And he said, ‘It’s too controversial, and it’s company policy. We’re not going to play it,'” Lori said.

Lori snapped the employee’s picture and lit up social media with the story, appalled by the employee’s response on 9-11 of all days.

“Nobody understood what was so controversial,” Lori said. “It’s 9-11. It’s a sporting event. Why is it controversial?”

On Wednesday night, customer Michelle Pritchard says business appeared slow and suspects Monday night had something to do with it.

The franchise owner sent a statement that reads in part, “Worldwide Wings, a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise, apologizes for what happened at a restaurant before the Monday Night Football game. We do not have a policy regarding this matter.”

Lori says a manager on Monday apologized immediately for that employee’s behavior.

There’s no word yet on whether that employee will face any consequences.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: