ALBANY (KRON) — Students were busted for doing Nazi salutes at Albany High School, as this comes after a racist social media website was uncovered.

Students say the school district is not taking enough measures to crack down on the problems.

A racist Instagram account showed graphic images with an African-American doll, noose, and torch. And now, students were seen saluting, making anti-Semitic gestures.

“I’ve lived in Albany all my life, and it’s pretty crazy to see this finally happening because this is one of the most liberal towns in America. It’s really just the internet culture and kids become too desensitized..,” student Nate Sanders said.

“We do have a racism problem in our district,” Albany School District Superintendent Valerie Williams said. “I think they’re issues of bullying and harassment and misogyny and racism, homophobia, transphobia. I think all those do exist in our schools.”

Williams told KRON4 the district first heard about a group of freshman students making the gestures in the hallways on Mar. 8, and then on Mar. 20, district officials learned about the racist Instagram account.

Williams says the students have been disciplined. But she could not say how due to privacy reasons.

Students tell KRON4 that the Instagram account was run by a small core group of friends but was wildly shared.

Besides targeting students, a basketball coach was also harassed.

KRON4 has learned the racist group who was posting was disciplined, but the district says it cannot elaborate.

Most on campus though say they have heard the students were suspended for several days, and many think that is simply not enough.

“There needs to be more emphasis on the punishment for that kind of thing. Because if people see that they got away with doing…because it was so crazy what they posted. And if people see that they only got suspension, or blah blah blah, what’s it going to mean for patterns in the future of it happening again,“ Francis Lorenzo said.

An assembly was held at a school Wednesday to address the issues plaguing the school.