VIDEO: Teen attacked at Chula Vista taco shop


CHULA VISTA (CNN) — A family in Southern California is outraged after a 16-year old boy was beaten by other teens.

Remarkably, the victim escaped with just minor injuries.

The assault was caught on camera, and the video is disturbing.

“They were stomping on his head. Throwing chairs at him,” the boy’s father said.

The vicious attack to a boy inside of a restaurant in Chula Vista was all caught on camera.

“It felt unreal. It was shocking to see that it’s your son,” father Margarito Martin said.

Martin says his 16-year-old son was waiting to be picked up by his mom at the Cotixan restaurant after school when a group of boys he says from a different high school walked in and attacked him, stealing his phone and watch in the process.

He says this all started about a month ago after his son defended one of his friends from getting harassed on instagram.

Fortunately his son only suffered some injuries to his arm.

But Martin knows this could have been worse.

“I they think they’re more like a gang or a mob. They wanted to go kill him because they were stomping jumping on his head. So that’s not normal you know,” the father said. “High school fights they shouldn’t be normal but normally it’s like one or two guys against one. But this is a mob.”

He says that he filed a report with Chula Vista police but the answer wasn’t what he was looking for.

“Agent Kramer I think that’s his name,” Martin said. “He told me in person at the hospital that this is just gonna be a slap on the wrist for the minors and that they’re going to get community service at most.”

But says he will continue to fight until there is justice.

“And we have to do something about it. I don’t want any parent and anybody else to go through what we’re going through,” he said.

According to Martin, police are talking to witnesses and looking at cellphone video in order to try to identify suspects.

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