CONCORD (KRON) — It was an emotional reunion as a therapy dog lost for nearly two weeks is back home Thursday night.

And a young Concord boy couldn’t be happier.

The dog belongs to a child with vanishing twin syndrome, and he was crushed when the dog went missing.

The dog had been missing two weeks, and on Thursday, they found him wandering near a creek.

They were apart two weeks. But for a dog named Finn and his family, that was two weeks too long.

Every day, 11-year Carson Bates and his family searched.

“Where could he be, what is he doing? We were trying to find him and we were asking everywhere, driving everywhere,” Bates said.

For Carson, Finn isn’t just a dog.

“He’s basically my brother because I was going to have a twin brother, but he never came out of the womb…,” Bates said.

Carson was diagnosed with vanishing twin syndrome at age 2, an emotional separation deficiency.

The two have been inseparable for five the last five years.

“He’s basically my entire heart,” Bates said. “He broke it it when he got away but he made it bigger when he came back.”

Finn was found wandering near a creek about 2 miles from his home. He lost about 10 pounds and came back with an injured paw.

Finding Finn was a community effort.

From search parties to Facebook pages, a whole community came together to reunite a boy with his brother and his best friend.