VIDEO: Uber opens up shop in Daly City, some residents not happy


DALY CITY (KRON) — Uber has opened up shop in Daly City, and some residents there are not happy about it.

The streets are jam packed with cars. There has been traffic in the area all day.

Uber moved in this past May, and on Wednesday, KRON saw dozens of people showing up looking for a job.

And that influx of people and traffic is not sitting well with neighbors.

Uber’s Daly City satellite office can be a busy place. People shuttle in and out all day.

Some are taking care of paperwork, while others are looking to make some extra cash.

But for some residents in one part of town, it’s a bit overwhelming. Another resident agreed parking is an issue.

Uber said it is trying to control the traffic crunch. There is more staff regulating parking.

The company also said it added signs telling people not to use these parking lots, which are designated for residents and customers coming to Original Joe’s restaurant.

But residents said it’s not working.

Some people have also complained about trash.

Neighbors said there is a lot more since Uber moved to town.

But Uber tells KRON it is tackling that issue as well, especially since people started complaining.

On Wednesday, KRON4 didn’t see much trash anywhere.

Uber said since this office opened, they have opened eight other satellite centers in the area to reduce the flow to this one.

A company spokesperson told KRON4 they are speaking with city officials and want to work with the local community to make this work for everyone.

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