SAN JOSE (KRON)—About 200 people came to a unity rally held at San Jose City Hall plaza Sunday afternoon.

The Anti-Trump demonstration began around 1:30 p.m.

Rather than a march or a protest, organizers specifically called this one a ‘Unity Rally,’ and had a large focus on community.

In Jewish tradition, the sounding of a shofar is like a wake-up call, or a call to action.

That’s what elected leaders, religious clergy, and nonprofits gathered for.

“We’re the shining light for the rest of the country in terms of engagement, in terms of the community coming together,” one speaker said.

Referring to President-elect Donald Trump’s proposed policies regarding immigrants and Muslims, county supervisor Dave Cortese announced the board’s plans for a legal defense fund that would help foreign-born residents.

“The campaign for inclusiveness we need to start it right here, right now in Santa Clara County. Are we ready to do that?” Cortese said.

Though everyone tried to squeeze under an alcove, the rain didn’t keep 150 or more away.

“Right now there’s a lot of hateful things going on, and we’re not going to stand for it,” one woman said

“I think with the people that we have some power, that we can stop Trump’s intentions – what he promised,” unity supporter Omar Vasquez said.

Vasquez is worried about Trump’s plan to build a border wall, and register muslims.

Vasquez is already planning a walkout at San Jose City College next month.

The Asian Law Alliance, which provides legal help for immigrants, was one of dozens of co-sponsors of the rally.

“We’re looking to try to decide how we can move forward and advance these issues,” said Richard Konda, executive director of the Asian Law Alliance.

The rally featured huge posters labeled:

· Protect immigrants

· Protect healthcare

· Stop hate crimes.

People signed their names to them to become more involved in civil action.