SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The California Highway Patrol says they are getting a lot of leads from the public about the identity of the biker gang seen beating a rideshare driver last week.

The victim was interviewed again Monday by investigators in his hospital bed.

KRON4’s Maureen Kelly talked to the victim who describes what happened.

“They were all hitting and kicking from everywhere,“ 35-year-old Alex Quintana said.

Quintana’s leg is broken in three places, being held together with pins.

He’s already had one surgery and will have to have another.

He also suffered a broken nose and abrasions.

He’s in a lot of pain.

“There’s a lot of nerve damage, something that opioid medication can’t even really touch,“ Quintana said.

He says he saw the gang driving recklessly on dirt bikes and ATVs before the video was taken on southbound 101 in San Francisco.

It was near the Cesar Chavez exit where it appears Quintana’s white car makes contact with one of the riders.

Quintana says some drivers yelled at him that he was trying to run their friend down. He says he was just trying to get around them.

That’s when some of the riders broke off his side mirrors and then blocked him in.

Quintana says he felt like he had to get out of the car when one of the bikers broke out one of his car windows.

“Shards of glass start flight out me after he broke the window. I didn’t want to lose the eyesight or anything, so I jumped out,” Quintana said.

And that’s when the beating started. He says eventually, four or five of the bikers were ganging up on him.

He says he thought he might die in that beating.

“if there weren’t so many people that had videotaped the video, they could’ve got away with killing me on the side of the road or something,” Quintana said.

He says there were eight witnesses.

CHP investigators interviewed him again on Monday.

“They knew of a group. They’ve had a lot of reports about them,” Quintana said.

No one has been arrested in this case yet.

The CHP says they’ve gotten a lot of tips from the public but it’s going to take time and manpower to run those leads down.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Quintana.