SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The Westfield San Francisco Centre unveiled its 50-foot high upside down holiday tree on Monday.

The tree Under the Dome is 30 feet in diameter and weighs about 8,600 pounds.

“Our goal is to celebrate our beautiful and historical Dome with our spectacular crystal holiday tree. A conventional tree would have drawn attention only to the tree itself, but by inverting the tree and suspending it from the top of the Dome, we attract more attention and celebrate the Dome itself,” Westfield Sr. Marketing Director Rebecca Weill said.

Weill says this is the largest hanging crystal tree in North America.

“By day, the sunlight enters the inside of the tree by way of a 30 foot diameter opening on top, and travels through 286,849 faceted crystals located in 3-foot increments between the seven layers of greenery,” Weill said. “By night, 96,900 twinkle LED lights lining the inside and outside of the tree take over to move light through the faceted crystals. Additional faceted crystal orbs float effortlessly around the perimeter of the tree to provide the idea of fantasy snowflakes from the sky.”