SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – A public meeting was held Monday in San Francisco’s Chinatown for neighbors who are worried about violent crime.

This is a bustling part of the city full of tourists and locals alike.  

Unfortunately, it also sees it’s share of crime, sometimes violent crime, and neighbors here want to do something about it.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been at least eight high profile violent attacks in the Chinese community. 

This includes one a week ago where two men were attacked and robbed in broad daylight in Chinatown.  

On Monday, community leaders, city officials, and the police department held a public meeting to talk about what’s being done and answer questions. 

The police department said they have beefed up foot patrols and are working to improve response times. 

They also say they need the public’s help. If you see something says something.

“Please reach out to us at the police department so we can establish those lines of communications,” Captain Robert Yick said. 

The police department also talked about surveillance cameras that have been installed along Stockton Street.

They hope that will help deter crime and catch criminals.