Viral video shows San Francisco couple block Hispanic man from entering parking garage

San Francisco sees drop in car break-ins in parking garages

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — An altercation caught on camera in San Francisco is going viral on social media.

A white couple was seen using his car to block another resident, a Hispanic man, from entering a parking garage in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood after assuming he didn’t live there.

The man said he was blocking the man from entering to “protect” himself, his girlfriend and the building.

The Hispanic man repeated several times that he did live there and was just trying to get into the garage and park. But the white man still said he called the cops.

“If you have a key card you can get in yourself, you’re not coming in the f–king garage,” he said. “I called the cops so you got about five minutes to get out of here.”

“That’s fine. Call the cops,” the Hispanic man responded. “What’re you calling the cops about, Karen?”

A second video posted to Twitter shows the altercation turn physical. The white man got out of his car and allegedly started beating another man who was defending the Hispanic man.

The white man’s girlfriend is seen interfering and pulling away her boyfriend. Meanwhile, the Hispanic man then gets out of his car and approaches the three while continuing to record.

While walking back to his car, the Hispanic man tells the couple he has enough evidence to get them arrested and thanks them for blocking him from entering.

“You guys are f–king racist. Both of you are f–king racists,” he said.

After the video surfaced online, the apparent suspect’s employer addressed the situation and said they fired the man.

“We have concluded our internal review of the incident with one of our internal employees. We have made the decision to terminate the employee, effective immediately. We will not tolerate violent or racist behavior of any kind at Apex Systems.”

No additional details are available at this time.

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