PHOENIX (KRON) — Police in Phoenix say a woman died after being mauled by a dog at a boarding kennel.

A 69-year-old volunteer was socializing with an Akita in the back play yard at Canine Country Club and Feline Inn when police say the dog turned on her.

The facility rents out boarding space to rescues at a reduced rate.

Akita Advocates, which is one of those rescues, owns the dog that attacked.

“It’s so tragic, a lot of tears today,” said Greg Donahue, who owns the boarding kennel. “A lot of upset people who have never seen anything like this ever.”

Jose Santiago with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control says the man who made the discovery was an employee of the facility.

“The dog appeared to be covered in something that looked like blood to him and he then discovered the woman,” Santiago said.

The rescue group has told animal control authorities that the dog will be put down.