SANTA CLARA CO., Calif (BCN) — The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority on Monday held a press conference regarding findings from an independent investigation into the May 26, 2021, mass shooting in the VTA’s San Jose rail yard that left nine employees dead.

An independent investigator was commissioned to evaluate if “there was anything we could have or should have known that might have prevented this tragedy,” said Chief of External Affairs for the VTA Jim Lawson. The VTA Board of Directors authorized the release of the independent investigator’s report, the VTA said.

“After months of research, the independent investigator concluded that VTA possessed no prior knowledge nor any warning that the employee/shooter was planning a mass shooting,” said the VTA spokesperson. The investigator, Morin I. Jacob from Liebert Cassidy Whitmore, said in the report given to the VTA that 47 witnesses had been interviewed, and that “there were no reports made to VTA that would have put VTA on notice that Cassidy might engage in violent behavior.”

However, Jacob found, “five witnesses expressed concerns either to VTA supervisors or other VTA employees that Cassidy’s demeanor or behavior was changing.” The VTA in November settled a lawsuit for $8 million with eight of the families of people killed.

According to Trial Lawyers for Justice, the law firm representing one victim’s family in the suit, the shooter had a “pattern of insubordination” and had been involved in multiple altercations with co-workers prior to the shooting. VTA workers had also agreed that the shooter, 57-year-old Sam Cassidy, would be the staff member most likely to “go postal.”

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“By failing to act, VTA gave a man with known and dangerous propensities access to 379 employees at the yard,” Eva Silva, the attorney representing the victim’s family, said in a statement last May. “Nine of them are dead as a result.”

The workers killed in the shooting were Abdojlvahab Alaghmandan, 63, Adrian Balleza, 29, Jose Hernandez III, 35, Lars Lane, 63, Michael Rudometkin, 40, Paul Megia, 42, Taptejeep Singh, 36, Timothy Romo, 49, and Alex Fritch, 49. A 10th worker, Henry Gonzales, was found dead in his home in August of an apparent suicide after witnessing the shooting.

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