SAN JOSE — The Valley Transit Authority announced that it would increase transit patrol after a shooting on a New York City subway left 10 with gunshot wounds and at least 20 injured Tuesday morning. VTA said it will have increased patrol visibility on the light rail system, aboard trains and at light rail stations throughout Santa Clara County.

There have been no specific threats to the VTA system, but the increased patrol aims to ensure passengers feel safe while riding. Two Explosive Ordinance Device canines will patrol the system throughout the week as well.

“Although there have been no specific threats to the VTA system, the Sheriff’s Office Transit Patrol is ensuring that the riding public is not only safe on board but also feels safe and confident to ride public transit,” VTA said.

VTA is the latest Bay Area transit system to say it will conduct patrols in the wake of the shooting. Bay Area Rapid Transit said Tuesday morning that it will continue to conduct high visibility controls.

In New York, a man put on a gas mask, pulled out a cannister and opened fire on a train car. The attack was not being investigated as an act of terror.