WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) – Just days after the Walnut Creek Police Department announced it was increasing patrols downtown to thwart a recent rash of robberies, a homeowner who was possibly followed to his house was robbed of his Rolex watch.

“You don’t ever think that it could happen to you, right? Because I thought we live in a pretty safe neighborhood,” said Elvira Zhumasheva, the victim’s fiancé.

The couple lives in a neighborhood with a watch program and far from businesses in downtown Walnut Creek. On Tuesday night, Elvira Zhumasheva’s fiancé had dinner at a restaurant near city hall.

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This is where Zhumasheva believes thieves may have spotted her fiancé’s Rolex watch while he was eating dinner with a friend. The thieves followed him home where they attacked and robbed him and his friend on Grover Lane.

“I’m grateful that he’s safe and be alive. But if he would, you know, act and try to fight him, I think that that would be bad, because he didn’t fight him,” said Zhumasheva.

Elvira, who is pregnant, is fortunate she was inside the home during the attack. She woke up to their screams and the suspects driving off in a dark-colored sedan after stealing her fiancé’s watch and his friend’s cellphone.

The victims were treated by paramedics on the scene. Neighbors are also shaken.

“I’ve never witnessed anything like this in this neighborhood. It’s a quiet place,” said one neighbor.

This comes after the Walnut Creek Police Department announced over the weekend that they are shifting resources to add extra patrols in response to three robberies in the downtown area since the start of summer where victims lost jewelry.

This most recent case is especially troubling because it happened in a residential area and not in the downtown area where other recent robberies have occurred.