WATCH: Bears eat 49 chocolate bars out of teen’s car


ASHEVILLE, NC (WFLA/CNN) – A North Carolina teenager recently found out the hard way that a car door won’t stop a bear from getting a sweet treat after a group of bears broke into her car and ate about 49 chocolate bars.

Sixteen-year-old Lilly Thurmond used her cell phone to catch the mama bear and three cubs in the act.

“He’s literally in the seat. I just don’t even understand – I have bears in my car!” the teen said in the video.

She told WLOS she heard something from inside her house and looked out a window to find her car door open. That’s when she started recording.

“I could hear them growling and stuff,” Thurmond said. “I even saw one bear open my front door, get in the car and shut the door.”

The high school junior had 50 chocolate bars inside her car that she was selling for a prom fundraiser.

“I probably sold like 10 before they got a hold of it,” she said.

After the candy crime was over, the family found candy bar wrappers all over the driveway. The bears also caused some dirt and damage inside the car. Thankfully, insurance is covering it.

“I think we all learned a lesson,” Thurmond’s mother said. “Keep your doors locked because bears know how to open them up.”



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