SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Anyone working and living in San Francisco may have noticed this sky-high stunt.

You can see two people dangling in the air!

“Matrix 4” is reportedly being shot in downtown San Francisco, but it’s not the only big movie filming in town.

Cell phone video shows Keanu Reeves on set of the movie in San Francisco, with fans watching as he rides by Sacramento and Sansome Streets Saturday night.

Another video shows two people doing some daredevil stunts in the sky between two high rises in the FiDi.

Matrix 4 began filming on Feb. 5, but when another film production set up shop in the Tenderloin on Sunday, people gave us their best guesses.

Some think it’s “Venom,” others maybe “Spiderman-related.”

Whatever it is, looks like fun!

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