FREMONT, Calif. (KRON) – It has been months since California saw significant rainfall. A lot of the grass is brown like you see behind me here. As we head into what could be the hottest part of our summer, water officials are asking people to save water.

With California on the verge of a what could be a record setting heat wave, the leaders of some of the Bay Area’s largest water districts and the California Natural Resources Agency are asking everyone to save water.

They are encouraging people to use water saving tools, such as low flow shower heads and hose nozzles. and to reduce outdoor water irrigation. They say that long range forecasts show that California could be headed for another dry winter and that the best time to prepare is now.

Ed Stevenson from the Alameda County Water District told KRON4, “we all know now that we are in the third year of a severe drought throughout California and the west and that we all need to be doing those things that conserve water.”

Wade Crowfoot from the California Natural Resources Agency spoke to KRON4 and explained, “August and September are months of heavy water usage. Hot temperatures and thirsty landscapes. We are asking Californians to take advantage of the programs that you have heard about here today. To make your yard and homes more water efficient and to take care to reduce water usage wherever you can.”

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Water officials are also asking people to consider removing grass lawns in favor of drought tolerant gardens. Many water districts offer rebates and grants that can help pay for the transition.