(KRON) — Property owners and other residents of Wawona can return home on Sunday at 8 a.m. as repopulation efforts begin after evacuations due to the Washburn Fire, according to the National Park Service (NPS).

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Those who wish to return home must provide a photo ID and a proof of residency document. Escorts are required to and from Wawona Road between South Entrance and Wawona. The following list describes who qualifies as a property owner or resident:

  • All private property owners.
  • All permanent and seasonal NPS employees who reside in Wawona.*
  • All residents of concessions (YH) and cooperator (YC, etc.) housing if included on a list provided to NPS. Speak to your supervisor to determine if you are on the access list.

The NPS states that no homes or structures were damaged by the Washburn Fire that is currently at 4,822 acres and 37% contained. If you have a rental or vacation property in the area, but do not live in Wawona the NPS asks that you delay your trip to the area. The first goal of the repopulation effort is to get people back into their primary homes. Because there will continue to be fire traffic in the area, it will be important to minimize traffic on the roads for some time.

For more information about the repopulation process for Wawona, please visit the NPS website.