(KRON) — We’ve all been there: stuck on a long flight and forced to deal with the quirks of your new neighbors for hours on end. But what are the most annoying things that people do on a flight? The Vacationer conducted a new survey to find out.

The most annoying behaviors on a plane came to a tie between kicking the back of your seat (59.11%) and being drunk and disruptive (59.11%). The next most annoying thing on planes according to those surveyed is bad smells from poor hygiene or too much perfume (48%). Next up comes parents who aren’t attentive to the needs of their children (46.81%). Rounding out the top five are the people who eat pungent foods while on a plane (40%).

Men are less tolerant of rule breakers on planes than women. About one third of men stated that they are annoyed when a passenger boards or deplanes out of turn, comparatively higher than the 26.25% of women who said this bothered them. Women however, are more likely to be annoyed if a fellow passenger is too chatty or flirty.

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The most impressive part of the survey? The patience of some American adults; almost twelve percent of those surveyed stated that none of the onboard flight behaviors on the list annoyed them. The youngest generation of adults who were surveyed, those aged 18-19-years old, are the least likely to be annoyed by the listed behaviors. Only 14% of those young adults stated that none of the behaviors would bother them.

Most annoying flying behaviors:

  1. Kicking the Back of Your Seat — 59.11%
  2. Drunk and Disruptive — 59.11%
  3. Smells from Poor Hygiene or Too Much Cologne/Perfume — 48.00%
  4. Inattentive Parents / Poor Parenting — 46.81%
  5. Eating Pungent or Foul-Smelling Foods — 39.80%
  6. Hogs the Armrests — 39.07%
  7. Reclines Seat Fully in Front of You — 38.25%
  8. Talks to You Too Much — 29.87%
  9. Boards or Deplanes Out of Turn — 29.60%
  10. Listens to Music or Movies Too Loudly — 28.96%
  11. Takes off Shoes — 23.59%
  12. Flirting with You, Passengers, or Flight Attendants — 21.89%
  13. Gets Up to Use Restroom or Stretch Too Much — 19.95%
  14. Uses Overhead Bin Space Many Rows in Front of Seat — 18.12%
  15. Overly Affectionate Couples — 14.12%
  16. Requests Too Much from Flight Attendants — 13.02%
  17. None of These — 11.57%


The survey was conducted anonymously and included 1,098 Americans over the age of 18 on Aug. 6. Forty-seven percent of survey respondents identified as male, and 52.73% identified as female. For more details on methodology, please visit the survey website.