(KRON) — The Mega Millions Jackpot lottery is now up to $1.28 billion, according to the lottery’s website. But what will a billion dollar win get you in San Francisco? KRON4 compiled a list of very San Francisco things that you could purchase if you end up taking home the big jackpot.

First things first, let’s take a realistic look at the numbers. A winner could choose one of two options: the cash option which is a one-time lump payment, or the annual payout where the money is paid out over a period of 30 years. KRON4 spoke to a lottery expert earlier this week, he says the best bet is to take the one-time payout. The following calculations are based on what’s left of a one-time lump payment after federal taxes for a winner in California, which is approximately $379,612,045 according to the lottery site USA Mega.


If you’re looking for a new place to hang your hat, one of the “Painted Ladies” featured in the intro sequence of “Full House” is currently up for sale for $3.55 million. You could buy it nearly 107 times over.

Many lottery winners state they intend to buy homes for all of their loved ones with the winnings. With the average home cost in San Francisco sitting around $1,250,000 according to Re/Max, you could buy 303 homes for family and friends with a jackpot win.


Our friends in Silicon Valley would certainly want you to throw a few million their way. You could buy a Tesla Model X for yourself and 3,959 friends with the winnings.

An Apple Macbook is a common accessary for many students. If you’re looking to donate to any in need you could buy 292,234 laptops the with the cash.


A BART fare is a standard purchase for many of us around the Bay, but how many tickets will the cash buy? If you’re riding from Berryessa/North San Jose into San Francisco it’ll cost around $8.40. If you win you could buy a trip for yourself and 45,191 of your closest friends.

If you’re more of a driver than a rider, maybe you’re more concerned about FasTrak fees over the Bay Bridge. At the current $7 rate, you could cross the Bay Bridge every day for 148,584 years.

If you’re coming over to the city on the Alameda Seaplane, you’ve got some of the best views and the freshest air for the commute. The jackpot winnings would buy you 84,358,232 trips from Alameda Point to SF.

If you’re wanting to take a trip out of SF you could buy all 874,784 San Francisco residents a round trip ticket to Lake Tahoe for $116,346,272, and still have over $260 million leftover. With that leftover cash you could rent a $30,000 per night luxury property in Tahoe for 8,666 nights.


If you’re into bubble tea, maybe you’re thinking about how many drinks the winnings could net? If you buy yours from Boba Guys for $5.70 then you could get about 66,598,604 boba drinks–or enough to give nearly every person in the United Kingdom a bubble tea.

How about a staple SF burrito? If you’re up late and want to take a swing by El Farolito‘s Mission Street location before they close at 3 a.m., you could buy 26,180,141 burritos from the spot.

It’s been a bit cooler in San Francisco the past week, so perhaps you’re in the market for a sourdough bread bowl from Boudin Bakery. You can pick up a few, or 31,634,337 after hitting it big with Mega Millions.

Maybe you’re more in the mood for an Arguella Market turkey sandwich. No worries, with your newfound wealth you can afford to buy a sandwich every day for the next 80,324 years.


We have so many sports teams to love in the Bay Area that buying tickets to see all of them could set you back a pretty penny. Courtside season tickets for the Warriors run around $55,000, you could buy about 6,900 of them.

Giants’ season tickets have a price tag around $4,300 each depending on where you sit. If you win, you could buy 88,281 of them.

The A’s are in the market for a new stadium, and if you’d like to pitch in you could pay for about 3% of the new $12 billion stadium design. Or you could just become a partial owner of the team.

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If you’ve got kids to put through college, it’ll be a breeze if you win Friday’s drawing. One year at UC Berkeley can cost about $48,000 right now. With Friday’s winnings you could put over 1,977 students through four years at the California school.

How about the cost at Stanford? The current expected student budget for a Stanford undergraduate student is $82,162, so you could pay for roughly 1,155 students to get their degrees. Stanford Law however, runs about $107,055 per year, so you could assist 1,181 lawyers through their studies.