What makes you move?


If you have trouble sticking to your exercise program, and it’s not due to a lack of desire to get fit, then it could be because the exercise doesn’t fit your personality.

Our health expert, Karen Owoc, talked to KRON 4’s Marty Gonzalez with tips to help you get motivated to move.

Karen says everyone has their own ‘fitness personality’.
Here are five distinct fitness personality types:

  1. Predictable
  2.  Methodical
  3. Competitive
  4. Social
  5. Dynamic

#1 – Predictable
• Thrives on routine
• Goes to the gym and develops rigid schedules and regimes

Problem: The Predictable Exerciser may hit a plateau by doing the same routine and become frustrated.

Remedy: By incorporating resistance, circuit, or high intensity interval training and/or adding new activities each week, the positive physical changes may help reboot enthusiasm.

#2 – Methodical
• Likes organization, discipline and routine (but isn’t as rigid as The Predicta-ble Exerciser)

Problem: Exercising alone would de-motivate The Methodical Exerciser.

Remedy: The Methodical Exerciser would benefit most from joining a gym, hiking/biking in groups, or taking a group fitness class.

#3 – Competitive
• Driven

Problem: Exercising requires specific fitness goals for The Competitive Exerciser to stay motivated.

Remedy: The Competitive Exerciser may benefit from exercising with an equally competitive partner or from participating in a race, such as a triathlon or marathon.

#4 – Social
• Likes spontaneity and camaraderie

Problem: The Social Exerciser is the most emotional and most common of all exercise types. On the downside, they tend to socialize more and exercise less.

Remedy: The Social Exerciser responds well to group exercise or working out with a personal trainer. However, this type would be more responsive to a nurturing trainer vs. one who is demanding, emotionless, and pushes very hard.

#5 – Dynamic
• Loves change and hates routine and structure

Problem: The Dynamic Exerciser must find the exercise activity pleasurable or else they will quit. On the surface, some people may think The Dynamic Exerciser is impulsive or ‘flighty’ due to their fleeting enthusiasm and energy.

Remedy: To stay interested and motivated, The Dynamic Exerciser needs an extremely varied and adaptable routine with lots of new and different activities and classes.

The Takeaway: You might be a mix of personalities, so be adventurous and try different types of exercise until you find something that keeps you going



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