What to do with eclipse glasses now that it’s over


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — — The solar eclipse of the century is over.

People all over the nation searched far and wide for eclipse glasses after libraries and stores began to run out.

But now that Eclipse Mania is over, many are left wondering what they’re supposed to do with their eclipse glasses.

You can keep them for the next eclipse, which will happen in 2024, as long as the protective filter is not scratched, punctured, torn or damaged.

Or you can donate them to Astronomers Without Borders, who plans to redistribute them to other countries for future eclipses. For more information on how to donate them, check their website.

If you prefer to recycle your glasses, remove the solar filter lenses and toss the cardboard frames into a recycling bin. As for the filter lenses, some camera stores might recycle them. You’ll have to call one near you to find out. Otherwise, you can toss them in the trash.

Of course, you can always keep them as a souvenir.



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