(KRON) — The sweltering heat wave that descended over the Bay Area late last week and scorched the Labor Day holiday weekend and has seen previous high temperature records shattered isn’t done with us just yet. Wednesday, however, may see a brief respite before it heats up again heading into the weekend.

“We are catching a brief, albeit much welcome break from the extreme heat today,” explained KRON4 Meteorologist Kyla Grogan. “That’s not to say that it will be cool, I still expect to see low 100s in the inland areas of the bay. But having said that – I’ll take every bit of a break that we can get.”

Much of the Bay Area remains under an Excessive Heat Warning with coastal and bay front areas under a heat advisory.

A heat warning remains most inland Bay Area cities.

Tuesday saw record breaking temperatures in many parts of the Bay Area with the mercury in many inland areas soaring above 110. The hot weather will continue Wednesday, especially inland. But we should see a slight dip from Tuesday’s record temps.

Tuesday saw record high temperatures in these Bay Area cities.

One more day of scorching temps on the way

Part of the reason for Wednesday’s cool-down is due to the marine layer.

“Our marine layer was much more robust this morning which contributed to the cooler morning we had,” Grogan said. “But hold on to your fans because unfortunately, tomorrow we will see temperatures spike one more time before a more meaningful cool-down takes place over the weekend.”

The Excessive Heat Watch for the Bay Area has been extended for Thursday and we are likely to see triple-digit heat and temps above 110 in some area. Forecasts indicate it will be slightly cooler than Tuesday when the state issued an Energy Emergency Alert and warned of rolling blackouts, but apparently, stopped short of actually ordering them.

Despite no outages being ordered, many thousands of Bay Area residents have lost power over the past several days, in most cases due to heat-related strain on equipment. In other instances, Alameda and Palo Alto appear to have ordered planned outages, although it is unclear where the directive to do so came from.

“Thursday brings the possibility again for inland areas to reach 105-110 degrees,” said Grogan. 

Will the heat wave end . . . ever?

The good news is that Thursday looks likely to be the last truly hot day. Friday will see above average temps in many areas but nothing like earlier this week

“By Friday, we’re taking that down to upper 90s and low 100s and then the weekend brings some clouds and cooler temps overall,” said Grogan. “If it’s any consolation, next week, temperatures look to be consistently.”