More California inflation relief, aka, Middle Class Tax refunds, are already on their way to the bank accounts of millions of Californians.

The third and latest round of payments started being disbursed on Friday.

The first two payments included only people who received Golden State Stimulus payments back in 2021. The state has issued one round of direct deposits and one round of debit cards.

Friday marked the beginning of the latest round of payments. Those payments will continue to be sent out through Monday, Nov. 14, according to the Franchise Tax Board.

The Tax Board said the remaining debit cards are being issued in batches and are being distributed in order of last name.

How to figure out if you’re getting a direct deposit or debit card

If you’re unsure if you will be getting a direct deposit or a debit card, here’s a good indicator: did you file your 2020 taxes electronically and receive your refund via direct deposit? If yes, then you’re probably going to get the one-time payment by direct deposit.

The rest can probably expect to receive checks.

How much can you expect to receive?

The payments will range in size from $200 to $1,050 depending on your income, filing status and number of dependents. Of course, you’ll have to make sure you qualify first.

Single filers making less than $75,000 can expect a $350 payment. Joint filers making less than $150,000 can expect about double. Those with dependents can expect a bit more.

Here’s how to calculate how much you’ll get.

Who qualifies for inflation relief?

First and foremost, you’ll need to be a California resident when the payments go out. You’ll need to have been a California resident for at least six months in 2020.

As mentioned above, the payments are tiered by 2020 income. Single filers making more than $250,000 or couples making more than $500,000 will not receive any payments.

To qualify, you also will have needed to file your taxes in 2020 and, an additional hurdle for college students, you cannot have been claimed as a dependent during that tax year.

Here’s how to confirm you qualify.

Can I track my California inflation relief check?

The short answer: no. But you can probably narrow down your timeline a bit.

If you filed your taxes online and also received the Golden State Stimulus you may have already gotten your relief. If you don’t meet both of those criteria, you’re going to have to wait longer.

Remember, debit cards are being disbursed based off order of last names, so if you’ve been blessed with an A-B-C name, you won’t have to wait as long as the X-Y-Z crowd.

And if you’ve changed your banking info since your 2020 return was filed — you’re in for a long wait. That group will be the last to get their payment.

For a more detailed breakdown, click here.

The state hopes to have everyone’s payments sent out by mid-January.