(KRON) — Bay Area ramen fans, rejoice! If you’ve ever wondered where to find the best ramen for the best value in the Bay Area, a Twitter user who goes by the handle @messidude may have the answer. In addition to being an apparent soccer fan, @messidude is also a biomedical engineer who moonlights as a food and football analytics hobbyist.

The dude who takes his handle from the Argentine soccer great — whose actual name, according to Twitter is Rajesh Niti — has created a Bay Area Ramen Restaurants Cost vs Rating Analysis graph that breaks down Bay Area ramen spots into four categories:

  • More expensive than average but not as tasty
  • More expensive than average but tasty
  • Cheaper than average but not as tasty
  • Cheaper than average and tasty

The graph is broken into four quadrants with two intersecting axis, one for cost, one for rating. Ratings range from 3.4 to 4.7, while the cost range runs from $8 on the cheap end to $22 on the higher.

There are 140 restaurants on the graph, the ones with the most reviews being represented by bigger dots. According to Niti’s graph, if you’re looking for the best ramen in the Bay Area for the best value, you’ll find it at Saiwaii Ramen on Irving Street in SF.

One review posted on the restaurant’s website describes the broth as “incredibly hearty and tasty” and recommends the garlic chili as being on point with “the right amount of spiceness” and an extra kick of garlic.

On the high end, Niti’s graph rates Sebastopol’s Ramen Gaijin highest when it comes to more expensive than average but tasty. Ramen Gaijin describes itself as “a uniquely Sonoma County ramen shop and Izakaya,” with one Yelp reviewer describing it as “freaking delicious.”

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If you’re looking for value above all else, you could try Bear’s Ramen House on Durant Avenue in Berkeley. According to Niti’s graph, average cost for a bowl of ramen at the Korean inspired spot is about $8 and it still has three and a half stars on Yelp. Bears also has some unique menu items like Kimchi Ramen.

If finding good food for good value is your thing, you might want to give @messidude a follow. In addition to his ramen graph, a quick scroll through his TL shows other graphs for tacos in Los Angeles, fish and chips in London and pizza in New York.

Now, time to practice up on those chopstick skills!