(KRON) — A new list of the most beautiful cities in America has been released, and our City by the Bay made the cut, according to a new study.

Travel website Booking.com analyzed a mixture of popular hashtags on Instagram to learn which city has the most photos taken per square mile. But which California cities made the list?

San Francisco was the highest-ranked California city, coming in in seventh place nationwide with an average of 1,039 pictures per square mile. The survey gives credit for the ranking to San Francisco’s scenic, seaside beauty. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge and gorgeous rolling hills than span across the Bay Area certainly don’t hurt.

One other California city made the cut, with an average of 1,019 pictures per square mile: Sacramento. The state capitol is surrounded by two rivers, the Sacramento River and the American River, and both rivers offer stunning scenery. One cannot forget about the lovely architecture present in the city, including some structures that were built before the Gold Rush.

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What cities topped the list? In third place was Chicago with 1,529 pictures per square mile. Second place went to Boston with an average of 2,213 pictures per square mile. And topping the chart altogether is Miami with an average of 2,661 pictures per mile. For more details on the other cities that made the list, check out the full report on Booking.com.

  1. Miami, 2,661 pictures per mi²
  2. Boston, 2,213 pictures per mi²
  3. Chicago, 1,529 pictures per mi²
  4. New York, 1,098 pictures per mi²
  5. St Louis, 1,095 pictures per mi²
  6. Seattle, 1,052 pictures per mi²
  7. San Francisco, 1,039 pictures per mi²
  8. Sacramento, 1,019 pictures per mi²
  9. Cleveland, 666 pictures per mi²
  10. Orlando, Florida, 654 pictures per mi²